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Is your business making your staff sick? A healthy team should be your highest priority. A tech disinfected corporate environment is the key for wellbeing across your workplace and for staff productivity. 

Who would have thought that workstations could be one of the biggest health hazards you’ll discover in your corporate workplace?

We have tested many everyday IT devices in a lab and have found infectious viruses such as Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C and bacteria such as Mycobacterium Bovis, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and many more, on keyboards, computer mice, phones, screens and pretty much all shared devices such as Printers.

TechDisinfect - Corporate Services

Keeping your staff healthy

Did you know, if one of your staff bring a cold, flu or any other bacterial infection to work, then they can cross-contaminate everyone else in the office around them, including the IT devices they use on a daily basis?

As a corporate environment, this can pose problems in the ‘day to day’ driving up absenteeism costs and it’s also bound to have a negative impact on productivity in the office, which will affect both you and your clients.

TechDisinfect scheduled professional IT devices disinfection services will ensure that this doesn’t happen in your business. Not only is your staff's physical wellbeing looked after, but all your IT devices are cleaned and well maintained to look their very best. This also gives your staff and visiting clients the added confidence that you have their health and Wellbeing at ‘top of mind’.

Helping reduce absenteeism

Absenteeism is high and on the rise due to a variety of reasons. Did you know in 2018, there were 38.5m days lost due to minor Illnesses, costing UK businesses over £9.5 billion? How much is absenteeism and a lack of productivity costing your business?

Through TechDisinfect services, businesses have not only seen a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in productivity, but have realised the daily advantage other benefits too.

Corporate Services


  • Help your business to raise the bar in cleanliness standards and help demonstrate ‘best practice’
  • Help your business to reduce damage to IT devices, such as ‘keyboard banging’ that will never address the problem! 
  • Help your business to encourage ‘a clear desk policy’ & ‘screen lock’ for business confidentiality
  • Help your business to encourage a 5 minute break ‘away from the screen’ to comply with HSE and H&S regulations
  • Help your business to promote a culture of self-driven Wellbeing Awareness initiatives in your organisation
  • Certified cleaning products, especially designed to kill bacteria and viruses harmful to your office environment
  • No adverse skin reactions from our certified cleaning products, which are highly effective against deadly viruses such as Coronavirus, Norovirus and many more
  • All your IT devices will always be maintained at the highest standard and will look pristine and clean, which your staff will really appreciate.

TechDisinfect are a Manchester based service company specialised to provide vital services such as IT equipment disinfection, computer cleaning services, corporate facilities management and have partners who can provide with commercial cleaning services to your businesses right across the UK. TechDisinfect will expertly and professionally disinfect all types of IT equipment such as Workstations, Laptops, Phones, Printers, Scanners and Tablets for wellbeing and hygiene purposes.

Client's Testimonials

"Now I have seen the quality of work and the evidence of how the bacteria spreads, it is must have services. I would say to any business that it is an investment not only in looking after your equipment, it is an investment in looking after your staff at the workplace."
Chirs Bird
Sports Tours International
"We have engaged services of TechDisinfect to make sure that all our I.T. devices and technology are professionally disinfected for everyone's safety at our school."
Mrs Milligan
St. Herbert's Primary School
"Karim reacted to our request in a very quick manner and was more than helpful under such circumstances. We now feel that we have been able to send our employees home under such extreme Covid-19 circumstances with professionally disinfected devices."
Nick Stones
Managing Director
S&G Response
"We invited TechDisinfect to clean our workstations/Laptops/TVs/Office devices and they provided excellent professional services. Karim and his team made sure all our devices look brand new and fully disinfected...which helped my hay fever no end! From the health and safety consultation to the cleaning of the workstations it couldn't have been better."
Joe Denman
Nviron I.T
"Karim and his team at TechDisinfect are, in my experience, people of the very best sort.... and professionals of the highest order. They are clear and efficient in their communications pre site visit; take great care cleaning in situ.... communicating on findings and progress as they go; and they do a great job all-round, leaving desk top computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, tablets and mobile telephones spotlessly clean."
John Hesketh
The Manchester Deaf Centre
"TechDisinfect have provided a valuable service to one of our Schools's as part of the Covid-19 strategy for re-opening from Lockdown. The staff feel re-assured that all devices are now fully disinfected and safe. We are proud to partner with TechDisinfect and would highly recommend that anywhere there is technology in use, this service is invaluable."
Nigel Milligan
Managing Director
iNam Concepts

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