A renowned car dealership lost £30k due to a filthy workstation, very unusual.

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Whilst they were only thinking about £30k loss, we were thinking about the negative domino effect it will have on the business and their brand reputation.

In an absolute panic and sheer disgrace, one of the regional sales directors of a very renowned car dealership called us to hygiene check all their workstations.

The very concerning question to us was, “why TechDisinfect was called at the last minute?”, there must be some serious issue.

Upon investigation, we found one of the customers has walked out of their dealership shouting “Filthy you are, Filthy you are, If you can’t look after your workstation cleanliness, how you going to look after my car if something goes wrong with it”.

For her cleanliness was everything and we don’t know what customers are observing when they walk into your dealership.

Our investigation found live spiders, dust, food crumbs, dirty marks on their workstations and filthy marks on tablets, which are used by kids.

We now provide them with our specialised disinfection services on a regular basis. We also provide them with our desk certificate which the customer can read on. If the businesses can demonstrate that their customer’s wellbeing is close to their heart then making sales is easy.

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