Would you pay over £250k for a single human hair? Well someone has…

Single Hair

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An employee from an underwriting company has sued the company for compensation of over £250k plus legal costs. The claim was made that she has inhaled a human hair from the workstation provided to her and now that hair is growing inside one of her lungs. The case in the court now and awaiting trial.

We did provide a free assessment for the company last year. After a full professional inspection of all their IT equipment, we failed their office equipment hygiene test by 85%.

We found dust, food crumbs, hair, basically all sort of filth that you can imagine. Also, infectious spreadable bacteria causing illness around the office.

Even on our highest recommendation to disinfect all their IT equipment immediately, they didn’t take any action.

Our professional services would have cost them just over £2k for the full professional and expert job but this has now cost them over £250k + legal costs. This whole situation has an impact on their staff morale, productivity, and sickness level.

The company finally realised that it is very important to disinfect all their IT equipment at regular intervals for everyone’s wellbeing! Also, all their IT equipment always looks presentable and pristine.

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